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  1. hey my name is Leroy I need a loan of 60 000.00 please very urgent want to pay mine and wife debt and also pay child school fees and buy a cheap car for work and back

  2. I need a loan to pay the electricity bill. and to clear my name of bad debt. please please please help.

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  4. Hi

    Please help me. I am not happy with my current credit review consultant at all. Secondly I want to do cancellation of my review. Communicates with me via E-mail for quick solution.

    Best regards

    Mr G

  5. I need a loan to pay off all my debts and to clear my name with itc please help!

  6. Hi there.
    Please give me a loan of R5000. I need to pay off my debts.
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  7. I m need loan to consolidate dept revie and build my house and buy some car .im aerning R16,000 after diduction a month please assist if can get R1008000

  8. Hi please could you help me with a loan of 320000 to payoff all deth and to buy a car thanks a mill really need it urgently to get my name cleared and get a car walking 20k a day to work and back home is taking its toll on me please help

  9. Hey I need a loan to pay all my depts and to buy a cheap car for the work. Stuggling to go to work and back. Please help me

  10. Hey I need a loan to pay my depts and to buy a cheap car for the work and back.I want to make a loan 50 000. Please help me out. I don’t want to struggle like this.

  11. Please help me with this loan you are my last hope I need to pay all my little short term loans to free my budget up so I can breath again and have only one loan to pay.

  12. hi guys
    i am a sales lady working on commussion and a basic salary if you guys can please help me with a loan i need to pay off one of my debts as the others i am paying off with a monthy instalment via debt mediation and i need.
    please if you could assist me i would really appreciate it.

  13. I need consolidation loan to settle all my loans, please assist if you can. You can pay me R150000 to consolidate, less than that is not acceptable

  14. Hi I applied on line for a loan of R 8000 last week already. Until now i did not receive any confirmation or call. Could somebody please assist me

  15. Angamuthu adisheshan

    Please my loan application is urgent, I need ut before the 1st September 2015 as I must resolve my tent before being evicted.

  16. I’m fulltime employed and looking for an affordable loan to consolidate all my debts and be able to buy a new phone but i’m blacklisted. Please help me.

  17. Hi Please urgently call me back for a cellphone contract, my contact number is on the “please call me” page on your site.

  18. Good Day, I would like to consolidate all my debt on my name as I am now engaged and need to plan for the future by saving etc. Also only pay one person instead of many to accurately calculate the budget.

  19. Hi i need tis loan to pay off all my small debts kos it’s building up intrest and people are worrying for ter money

  20. Good day, I am in need of a loan in order for me to settle all my accounts so I only have to pay one creditor and better my budget.

  21. Hi. I read about the goverment policy on dept relieve for over indept citizens . I’m in need of a loan urgently to get some relieve from my creditors. And remove my name from ITC and only paying one creditor.Can u please assist. Thanks. Kenneth.

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