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Apply for loans for bad credit today and get approved today! We offer loans up to R 250 000. 100% Free service we do not charge any fees to process applications.

Welcome to TA Consulting. With over 10 years’ experience in the finance industry and our service is free. On this website you will find a wide variety of products to suite your needs. All our service providers are NCR and NCA registered. We offer personal loans, loans for bad credit, bad credit loans, blacklisted and bad credit cell phone contracts, pay day loans, blacklisted vehicle finance, debt review and End Your Debt (clear all your debt in two years).

Top Services

Loans For Bad Credit

Blacklisted Loans 100% free service Unsecured Bad Credit Loans and Blacklisted loans up to R 250 000.00 Easy online application Same day approval Interest rates based on credit profile from 14%.

Bad Credit Pay Day Loans

Up to 30 days repayment. Instant online approval. Instant approval and pay out. Easy access to emergency cash for unexpected expenses.

4-in-1 Life Insurance

We know that providing for loved ones who depend on you is your main priority. This is why we over you comprehensive 4-in-1 life insurance cover for you and your extended family.

Affordable Medical Cover​

We offer both comprehensive day-to-day and private hospital benefits at extremely affordable prices. Get affordable medical insurance for you and your family, benefits including Unlimited Doctor Visits, Family Funeral Benefit, Acute & Chronic Medication Covered, Basic Dentistry, Optometry & much more. 


End Your Debt

Have you been declined all over for loans, consolidation loans or are you under debt review/administration. Well we have the answer. With our new product called END YOUR DEBT you can clear your ITC in two years. Stop paying your accounts today. Let us help you be debt free, no more creditors calling for collections, no mounting interest charges. This is not a quick fix but the best way to legally clear your debt and start over.

ITC and Credit Score

Get your Free ITC report

Looking for a business loan up to R 2 million. Our paperless application process coupled with our innovative approach to assessing the merits of your business and provide you with funds in your bank account within 72 hours. Get more info…

Other Services

Blacklisted Cell Phone Contracts – We offer cell phone contracts to clients who are blacklisted or who don’t qualify through the normal channels. All contracts are 24 months contracts, we convert you from the hassle of pre paid to the ease of contract benefits. Apply for a contract today. We will get back to you same day if you qualify and the documents needed to process your cell phone application.

Blacklisted Vehicle Finance – Have you been declined through the normal channels for vehicle finance or want to buy an older model vehicle? Looking for a car, bakkie, taxi or motorcycle, we do it all. lacklisted need vehicle finance? No credit checks, we can get you driving today!

What is Blacklisted?

Blacklisted is a term used for individuals who are recognized as a credit risk. Due to late or non payments on accounts or not paying the full installment due every month. There is not an actual blacklist this is a term used to declare that one is unable to qualify for credit due to negative listings. Remember anything you do related to finance or credit is recorded on ITC. Remember every time you apply for credit it affects your score negatively.


Thank you for the assistance during my loan application. I have no doubt in my mind of recommending my family and friends to you for assistance should they need it. Your loan application process was simple, fast and efficient. Your follow up and advice during the process was second to none. Thank you and I look forward to doing more business with you in the near future.
Thank you very very much for the assistance. The help was very quick and the communications also very quick, the service is very very great.
Thank you very much for your help and assistance. It was nice to know there is someone like you to try their best to assist their clients. All the best for you.
Thank you so much ...... you will never know how much i appreciate this
John Doe
C Meiring