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Debt Free immediately and permanently have financial peace of mind before bedtime tonight.

In the process we will:

Stop all garnishee orders on your salary

(As soon as the court order is issued)

Ensure you have your whole salary available to yourself

Stop all debits on your bank account from creditors

Ensure you have a better financial quality of life

End the nightmare of debt.

End the cycle of trying to borrow more money

End the need to buy food on your credit cards


Your current situation is unbearable.

What you are supposed to repay on your debt does not allow you to live a life or even feed your family properly.

You pay your debt on a hit and miss basis and eventually have more misses than hits.

Your situation is spiraling into a never ending financial nightmare.

Debt counseling still requires you to repay your debt (all your debt) and the interest on the debt continues to grow.

In many cases clients do not have the ability to qualify or maintain the arrangement they have with the debt review process and in all cases any debt that has attracted a legal proceeding is excluded which still allows for additional garnishee orders and repossession of your goods.

This is NOT debt Review/Counselling, Administration and NOT a consolidation loan!

This is a commitment to you and your family’s future not a quick fix.


  • This process takes approximately 24 months
  • ALL your debt is written off- with an advantage of 22c to every rad that is paid back to the curator – You pay back less than you owe
  • This process is a Voluntary Surrender of your Debt
  • Done at High Court Level – with High Court appointed Advocates, Attorneys and Curators
  • You will not lose your Furniture – if Furniture is on HP tell us so we can advise
  • You do not have to appear in court unless you want to – the Attorney’s will attend on your behalf
  • You are protected from your creditors once your Court Order is granted
  • Stop paying your creditors and or Debt Review Company– now you have the money to afford the process
  • Close your bank account so no debit orders can go through – so that you can pay for your Voluntary Surrender of your Debt process instead
  • This is a Legal and Binding Process
  • The fees are non-refundable
  • Curator fees are payable over 19 months – this is used to settle the creditors who stake claims at the Curator.
  • Curator fees are debited on a monthly debit order – and minimum payable is R 1950.00 per month

The Pros: The Good

  • Stop paying your creditors immediately
  • No mounting interest or service fees – this process is transparent
  • No hidden costs only said fees
  • Garnishee orders to be stopped when Court Order is granted and obtained
  • Affordable payment plan
  • Put your salary back in your pocket
  • The sooner you pay up your fees the better position you are in

 The Cons:  The Bad

  • No credit facilities allowed during the Voluntary Surrender of your Debt process
  • If you have a house on mortgage this will form part of the process – you will be able to stay in the house without paying for about 10-12 months before returning the property – please advise in this instance – Other possibility on offer

 The Process:

  • Send fully completed Application form and required Documents
  • A phone Assessment will be done with you
  • Payment plan based on Assessment of creditors ( Fees are payable over 1 or 2 months – 3 months in dire cases)
  • You will receive an Invoice, Consent to Pay and a Debit Order mandate that also informs you what your Curator fee will be over the 19 Month period
  • Once fees are paid up only then will you start  paying the 19 Month Curator fees – this is the Court Process stage
  • Court date applied for after 3 successful Curator fees have been paid
  • After full payment of the fee of R 8000, you will receive an Introduction letter from Attorney, with all their contact details on.
  • Further documents are drawn up, figures checked, and sent to attorneys for verification.
  • Documents will be sent to you for signing – Originals to be overnighted via mail
  • Once this is received the Advert will be placed in the Government Gazette with your court date which will also be sent to you – this will prevent further action.

The Fees: The Future

Remember you do not pay ANY creditors only the process and on a PAYMENT plan – so you have the money!


  • The Fees of R 8000.00 is Made up as follows:
  • Fees are payable over 1 or 2 months – 3 months in dire cases
  • Curator fee is payable over 19 months based on the amount of debt outstanding – done By Attorneys – works out to about .22c for every Rand you owe

We look forward to assisting you.

Visit for more information.

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