South African Banks Universal Branch Codes

Banking – Universal Branch Codes for South African Banks

ABSA 632005

Bank of Athens 410506

Bidvest Bank 462005

Capitec Bank 470010

FNB 254005

Investec 580105

Nedbank 198765

SA Post Office 460005

Standard Bank 051001

Loans Debt Set – Off

Loans Debt set-off: How to curb banks taking your cash

Cape Town – Consumers seeking loans should ensure the lender is a different credit provider to the one they bank with, Summit CEO Clark Gardner said in reaction to court action being taken against Standard Bank.

The bank told Fin24 this week that it will oppose a bid by the National Credit Regulator (NCR), which wants a court to order that the common law set-off has been superseded by section 124 of the National Credit Act (NCA).

“The NCR had received complaints from consumers, in relation to instances where the bank had taken monies, which had been deposited into their accounts held with Standard Bank and used these amounts to settle arrears on Standard Bank debts,” Jacqueline Peters, manager of investigations and enforcement at the NCR, told Fin24 on Tuesday.

READ: Credit battle begins: NCR takes bank to court over common law set-off

“Consumers in these instances are left with no monies for their ordinary day to day living expenses or other debt obligations, ultimately leaving already over indebted consumers in a far worse situation,” said Peters.

NCA does not provide sufficient clarity – Gardner

Gardner said the NCR’s case against Standard Bank was yet another example of the NCA not providing sufficient clarity to all parties involved.

“In the case of setting off outstanding and arrear debts against savings one needs to look at how the set-off took place.

“Where the right authority was provided by the consumer to the credit provider then little relief can be provided. However, in many instances we have seen it would seem the set-off is done in a manner in breach of Section 90(2) (m) in that it gives priority to payments for the credit provider over any other credit provider.

“All credit providers should have equal opportunity to receive payments and therefore are required to make use of the standard or preferential debit order payments processes.”

Debit order mechanism is fairer – Gardner

Summit believes the debit order mechanism is a fairer process to set off payments in that the consumer authorises an amount and credit provider to be paid on a specified date.

“This should mean that the consumer is aware of the payment and can budget for it accordingly,” he said.

Gardner said the NCA and the evolution of the credit industry is planning to move away from leaving the consumer in desperate situations and instead ensure they are protected from unfair credit provider behaviour or from their own desperate behaviour.

“We strongly encourage this shift, which may mean unsecured credit is less accessible in the short term as only financially healthy and able consumers access such funding,” he said.

“The problem in allowing set-off, and I am not aware of the details in this case, is that the amount and date of payment can come as a complete surprise to the consumer who then can find them in the most desperate of situations financially,” said Gardner.

Advice to consumers

“Our advice to consumers to prevent set-off is to ensure that your lender is a different credit provider to the one you bank with,” he said. “This ensures that payments can only be collected via authorised debit orders, which have an effective dispute process where necessary.”

Further, if a consumer cannot afford all their debt repayments they should take effective action instead of hiding from their lenders or accessing additional credit, Gardner cautioned.

“Effective action varies from negotiating with your lenders, reporting reckless lending to the National Credit Regulator to approaching a reputable debt counsellor.”

Blacklisted Cell phone

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Blacklisted Cell Phone contracts
Blacklisted Cell Phone contracts

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Bad Credit Vehicle Finance South Africa

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Bad Credit Vehicle Finance
Bad Credit Vehicle Finance

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Understanding the Credit Report (ITC Report) & benefits of getting a Credit Report

Credit Report

Most people do not know the importance of know your credit score and the benefits that come with it.

What is a credit report? This is question that s asked by most individual and answer to this is a simple one.

A credit report is a detailed report that contains all the credit history of an individual a credit report is an indication of your payment habits and it also has your defaults so it shows everything with regard to your credit history. Who compiles a credit report you may ask, well a credit report is compiled by the credit bureau a credit report includes the following

  • Personal information: such as you’re (ID Number, current and previous address, etc.)
  • Summary of credit history: the number and type of accounts that the individual has, that are past due or in good standing.
  • Detailed account information
  • Inquiries into applicant’s credit history(number and type of inquiries into applicant’s credit report )
  • Details of any accounts that have been handed over to the credit agency such as(such as information about liens, in-arrears wages garnishments via federal, state or county records)
  • Information on how to dispute any of the above information if the individual see any irregularities.

Most often than not people confuse a credit report with credit history and vice versa, to clarify between the two a clear understanding of what credit history refers to is needed.

What is a ‘Credit History’?

A credit history refers to  the history of an individual and their ability to repay their debts this include accounts, loans , bonds and any credit facility that the individual may take on credit. A customer’s credit history contains information such as:

  • The number of accounts a customers may take the accounts can be past and current
  • The type of accounts that the customer has taken in the past and currently
  • The period in which the account has been opened
  • Whether the bills are paid on time and to the correct amount avoid arrears
  • Number of recent credit inquires
  • An bankruptcies or lent, judgement or collections

This information is contained in the credit report

Benefits of getting a credit report…

Knowing your credit score has a benefits to mention a few knowing your credit score allows you to know where your credit stats is this is useful if you want to take out credit for a new property or whatever that you require credit for.

  • It also allows to see if they are any irregularities in your credit history making it easy to detect if they is any illegal activities that is occurring under your name and not of your doings
  • It also allows to see how many default you have against your name and how many of your accounts are in arrears before creditors take legal action against you.
  • Knowing the number of accounts that you have past and current, etc.

Getting a credit report allows the chance to see in terms of the credit bureau where you stand in terms of getting credit this gives a clear mind set of whether you can apply for mortgage loans, car finances or any other credit item that you desire

Know you credit score today get a credit report for onR25.00 click the link here or goto:

Blacklisted Consolidation Loans

Why would you need a blacklisted consolidation loans. Combine all your debts into one affordable repayment this will help reduce your monthly debt repayment putting more cash in your pocket. @ TAConsulting we offer blacklisted consolidation loans up to R 150 000.00 and we do not charge our clients any fees to process or pay out loans all our services are FREE. Watch out for companies who charge fees most of them do not even process your application but sell your data off to the highest bidder. TA Consulting is a broker and we find the best deal possible to help our clients, we have long standing contract with registered credit providers that adhere to the NCR rules and that are registered credit providers.

Being blacklisted not the end of the world!

Nothing spells financial failure quite like getting blacklisted. Whether you had over-indulged on the convenience of accessible money or were simply forced to max out your credit card owing to circumstances beyond your control; you are not alone.

In fact, over 10 million South Africans are going through exactly that. It is for this reason that companies have started formulating and scouting solutions for blacklisted individuals.

Apart from the stress and uncertainty that comes with being over-indebted, blacklisted individuals often give up hope; thinking that it’s the end of the world. Rather see it as the beginning of a new journey or the next level of being credit active.

Here are some questions you might have with regards to being blacklisted.

Can I still be approved for loans or get finance?

Simply put; yes, you can. It might not be through traditional channels such a banks, but there are companies that finance blacklisted individuals.

FinanceWeb, for instance, serves as a direct link to such services. Through their website, individuals may apply for blacklisted loans up to R150 000 over three to 60 months.
Bad credit loans applied for online get approved on the same day.

They also offer blacklisted individuals vehicle finance up to R120 000 over 60 months and no deposit finance for cars up to 20 years old.

If you would like to dramatically decrease your instalments, a consolidation loan through FinanceWeb is the way to go. With this option, you can settle your debt – or portion thereof – with a single loan. The result is that you only repay one instalment and one interest rate. FinanceWeb offers consolidation loans up to R150 000 over 60 months.

Will I ever be able to get out of this situation?

With the range of services available from FinanceWeb, you definitely can. What’s more is that it is as affordable as it is easy.

Apart from the consolidation loan that can help you erase your debt in the long term, FinanceWeb also offers the following services.

Debt review – With this service, a debt review consultant negotiates lower instalments with your creditors which could bring monthly expenses down to 50 per cent. This process prevents repossession of your goods and there is no upfront fee involved.

End your debt – This service entails a voluntary surrender of your debt. This legal process prevents garnishee orders on your salary and stops all debits on bank accounts from creditors. In this process there are upfront attorney fees that can be paid off, and monthly instalments toward the curator of the court.

Both of these options are a sure way of getting out of your situation for good.

Does this mean I may never apply for finance again?

With both options above, you will be able to apply for debt again. The End your debt option, for instance, takes around two years and, after its successful completion, you will be able to start over.

While being blacklisted is undesirable and emotionally stressful, it is far from the end of the road. As seen above, there are still a lot of options and solutions to either improve the situation or obtain financial relief while blacklisted.

For more information on these and more services from FinanceWeb, visit or contact 0872366004

No Obligation Debt Assessment

The Benefits of Debt Review

Given the popularity of online transfer payments and credit card purchases, debt accumulation has become a huge problem. Many individuals make purchases without a detailed financial plan. This can lead to a high debt figure that you may be unable to pay.

In order to have manageable debts it is important to get a debt assessment on a regular basis. The debt review process enables you to re-structure your debt repayments. TA Consulting can provide debt counselling services.

If you are apprehensive about your debts, we present some of the benefits of debt review to encourage you to contact us to find out how we can assist you.

  • Restructuring of debt


    1. As the debt accumulates there can be a negative listing given to your expenses. A debt review enables you to make a schedule for the debt payment. The debt counsellor can help you in developing a budget based on your financial needs. The budget is decided after the utility expenses have been taken into account. This helps in allocating a part of your income to pay the debt on a monthly basis. Debt review enables you to set realistic goals for payments as per your future earnings.
  • Discuss payments with creditors


    1. Debt review helps in negotiating repayments with your creditors. A debt counsellor can help you in getting payment terms that you can easily pay. In the absence of debt counselling, creditors may charge you a higher amount so that they can get a larger payment on your debt.
  • Prevent legal action


    1. If payments have not been made to creditors at the assigned date then you may face negative consequences. A debt review can be used to prevent these creditors from taking a legal action against you. During this time period, debt counsellors can restructure your debt repayments so that you are able to pay cash to creditors.
  • Straightforward payments


  1. Debt reviewing process can assist you in simplifying payments to creditors. Under debt review you may make separate payments to creditors as instalments. Debt review is a rehabilitation process and you will be issued with a credit clearance certificate when all of your debt is paid up.

Debt counsellors can help you with re-structuring your debts and helps you to pay a reduced instalment every month to your credit providers. This will ensure that you will have enough money at the end of the month for your daily living expenses.

TA Consulting offers free, no obligation Debt assessments. Let us deal with your creditors.

Free Debt Assessment



Affordable Health cover

Does your little one have medical cover?


We can offer you medical cover at a very affordable price. Get cover for your whole family.
We have a number of plans that will suit your budget. Our day to day plans starts from as little as R240.00 per month. Hospital plans start from R352.00 per month. This little baby can get cover with her parents on our Platinum Plan for just R1193 per month. This is for day to day benefits and hospital benefits.
The Platinum plan Day to day benefits comprises of:
1. Unlimited doctor visits but managed via a registered 1Doctor Health Network Provider.
2. Acute & Chronic medication – 6 Months waiting period for chronic medication
3. Basic Dentistry – preventive cleaning, pain control, fillings, one emergency root canal and extractions via 1 Doctor Health Network – Dentist
4. Optometry – (Spec-Savers) One eye test every 12 months and one set glasses every 24 months per the specific Spec-Savers agreed protocol range.
5. Radiology – Basic radiology according to formulary via a 1 Doctor Network GP. Black and white Diagnostic x-rays only.
6. Pathology – Basic diagnostic blood tests according to formulary and on referral by a 1 Doctor Network GP.
7. Out of area visits – In the event that you cannot see your Network GP, the Plan will allow 3 “out of area“ visits per family per annum to an alternative Network GP or GP of your choice.

The Platinum plan Hospital benefits are as follows:
1. In-Hospital Illness benefits – Up to R6500.00 for the first day
Up to R4500.00 for the second day
Up to R4500.00 for the third day
thereafter R1500.00 per day up to a maximum of 21 days.
2. Illness Top – up benefit – An additional illness protection benefit payable up to R25000.00 for a single member and up to R40 000.00 for a family.
3. Accidental Exposure to HIV/AIDS – Two incidents per family per annum.

On top of these hospital benefits you will also receive lots of additional benefits as listed below.

a) Dread Disease Benefit – Upon diagnosis with an annual limit of up to R250 000.00 payable for: Heart Attack, Coronary Heart Disease, Stroke, Brain Tumor, Cancer, Kidney Failure, Major Organ Transplant, Paraplegia and Blindness.
b) Accident Benefit – Up to R150 000.00 per single member and up to R300 000.00 per family per incident. Immediate cover.
c) Accidental Permanent Disability Benefit – R250 000.00 for the Principal Member only. Single event only. Immediate cover.
d) Accident/Illness Death Benefit – R10 000.00 for the Principal Member.
e) Family Funeral Benefit – Principal, Spouse & child > 14 years R10 000.00. Child > 6 years R5000.00. Child > 0 years R2500.00. Child > 28 weeks R1250.00.

Our Platinum Plan offers you excellent value for money.
Get medical cover for your family today and ensure that your family is covered during a medical emergency.
To apply simply sms One to 33110. Sms @ R1.50.
Drop us an email with your details to email  and we will get one of our friendly agents to give you a call to set up an appointment.

Affordable Medical Cover

Medical cover

Do you need affordable medical cover for you and your family?

Is your medical aid costing you too much?

We have the solution for you. Apply today for affordable medical cover that starts from as little as R240.00 per month.

You can choose your medical cover to suit your budget and your needs. You can choose between Day to day benefits and hospital benefits. You can cover your entire family. We also offer a student plan from R395.00 a month and a senior plan from ages 55+ from just R295.00 a month.

Monthly Premium Packages

Once-off admin fee of R100 applicable on all new applications

Member Covered Day to Day Plan Hospital Plan PLATINUM PLAN

(Day to Day & Hospital Plan)


(Day to Day & Hospital Plan)

Single Member R240 p/m R352 p/m R529 p/m R690 p/m
Single + 1 Child R355 p/m R385 p/m R689 p/m R1030 p/m
Single + 2 Children R470 p/m R424 p/m R827 p/m R1370 p/m
Single + 3 Children R586 p/m R462 p/m R970 p/m R1720 p/m
Single + 4 Children R586 p/m R501 p/m R1007 p/m R1940 p/m
Couple R413 p/m R682 p/m R1044 p/m R1340 p/m
Couple + 1 Child R529 p/m R720 p/m R1193 p/m R1640 p/m
Couple + 2 Children R644 p/m R760 p/m R1336 p/m R1980 p/m
Couple + 3 Children R761 p/m R798 p/m R1474 p/m R2320 p/m
Couple + 4 Children R761 p/m R838 p/m R1511 p/m R2400 p/m
Student Cover Not Applicable Not Applicable R395 p/m Not Applicable
Senior (55+) Plan R295 p/m Not Applicable Not Applicable Not Applicable
Your monthly premium package *

Our ranges of benefits are as follows:

                   Day to day benefits             Hospital benefits
Doctor Visits

Unlimited but managed doctor visits via a registered 1Doctor Health Network Provider.


Accident Benefit

Up to R150 000 per single member and up to R300 000 per family per incident. Immediate cover.

Specialist Benefit

Specialist Benefit of up to R500 per family per annum. Pre-authorization and a referral by a 1Doctor Network GP is required.

Accident / Illness Death Benefit

R10 000 for the Principal Member

Acute & Chronic Medication

Both acute and chronic medication are covered according to the 1Doctor Health formulary. A 6 month waiting period applies on chronic medication and 12 months on pre-existing.

Accidental Permanent Disability Benefit

R250 000 for the Principal Member only. Single event only. Immediate cover.

Basic Dentistry

Basic treatment includes preventative cleaning, pain control, fillings, emergency root canal and extractions via 1Doctor Health Network Dentist.


Accidental Exposure to HIV / AIDS

Two incidents per family per annum

Optometry (Spec-Savers)

One eye test every 12 months and one set of glasses every 2 years with grey colour value code via Spec-Savers stores.


In-hospital Illness Benefit

Up to R6 500 for the 1st day, up to R4 500 for the 2nd day & up to R4 500 for the 3rd day – thereafter R1 500 per day up to a maximum of 21 days


Basic radiology via 1Doctor Network Provider. Black and white diagnostic x-rays only.


Illness Top-up Benefit

An additional illness protection benefit payable up to R25 000 for a single member and up to R40 000 for a family.


Out-of-Area Visits

In the event that you cannot see your Network GP, the Plan will allow 3 out of area visits per family per annum to an alternative Network GP or a GP of your choice.

Family Funeral Benefit

Principal, Spouse & Child > 14 yrs R10 000, Child > 6yrs R5 000, Child > 0 years R2 500, Child > 28 weeks R1 250. A 3 month waiting period applies.


Diagnostic blood tests on referral by a 1Doctor Network GP and subject to a list of basic pathology tests approved by Day1 Health

Dread Disease Benefit

Upon diagnosis with an annual limit of up to R250 000 payable for: Heart Attack, Coronary Heart Disease, Stroke, Brain Tumor, Cancer, Kidney Failure, Major Organ Transplant, Paraplegia and Blindness.



 Value for money


Apply today for excellent value for money. On top of your basic medical cover you will also qualify for a family funeral benefit, dread disease cover, accident benefit, accident/illness death benefit and accidental permanent disability benefit hence one plan will cover you and your family in numerous ways.

We will get one of our friendly agents to give you a call to set up an appointment.

We create healthy families!