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Affordable Medical Insurance

We offer both comprehensive day-to-day and private hospital benefits at extremely affordable prices. Get affordable medical insurance for you and your family, benefits including Unlimited Doctor Visits, Family
Funeral Benefit, Acute & Chronic Medication Covered, Basic Dentistry,
Optometry & much more.


Various Plans available to suite your needs

Day to Day Plan From R 509 pm​

Unlimited Doctor visits and acute medication. Radiology and Pathology are unlimited when recommended by your network GP*. Family funeral cover Basic Dentistry and Optometry. Access to our nationwide network of medical professionals. Post-hospital private home nursing to the value of R 10,000.00.

Hospital Plan From R 819 pm​

Covers hospitalization due to illness, dread disease and accident. Casualty room benefit and 24-Hour EMS. Maternity cover. You gain access to private hospitals.

Combined Plan From R 1179 pm

Day to Day and Hospital Plan benefits combined

Junior Plan​

Get cover for your kids. Day to Day from R 479 pm Hospital From R 734 pm​

Senior Plans from R 789 pm

Day to Day cover Hospital Cover Combine Cover​

We offer affordable medical insurance

Get the medical cover from R 509 pm

Package Premiums

Member CoverDay To DayValue PlusValue PlusPlatinumPlatinumExecutiveExecutiveJunior ExecutiveSenior +55Senior Comprehensive
Day To Day OnlyCombinedHospital OnlyCombinedHospital OnlyCombinedHospital OnlyCombinedDay To Day OnlyCombined
Single MemberR265.00R385.00R220.00R645.00R380.00R760.00R495.00R 545.00R 295.00R 525.00
Single + 1 ChildR397.00R575.00R270.00R827.00R430.00R1,045.00R648.00R 545,00 + R345,00  
Single + 2 ChildrenR529.00R765.00R320.00R1,009.00R480.00R1,330.00R801.00   
Single + 3 ChildrenR661.00R955.00R370.00R1,191.00R530.00R1,615.00R954.00   
Single + 4 ChildrenR793.00R1,145.00R420.00R1,373.00R580.00R1,900.00R1,107.00   
CoupleR465.00R710.00R440.00R1,225.00R760.00R1,345.00R880.00 R590.00R1,050.00
Couple + 1 ChildR597.00R900.00R490.00R1,407.00R810.00R1,630.00R1,033.00   
Couple + 2 ChildrenR729.00R1,090.00R540.00R1,589.00R860.00R1,915.00R1,186.00   
Couple + 3 ChildrenR861.00R1,280.00R590.00R1,771.00R910.00R2,200.00R1,339.00   
Couple + 4 ChildrenR993.00R1,470.00R640.00R1,953.00R960.00R2,485.00R1,492.00