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Blacklisted Vehicle Finance

Blacklisted vehicle finance – Car dealerships that accept bad credit clients in South Africa – Contrary to pretty much everything you have ever heard about vehicle finance and bad credit, you can secure a finance deal allowing you to purchase your own new or used car. With our years of experience in the finance industry we have built up a dealer network through out South African that help clients with bad credit get vehicle finance.

Blacklisted vehicle finance

What type of finance we offer

We can help you get finance through our dealer network or finance a vehicle that you trying to buying privately. In addition to vehicle finance we also offer motorcycle and lifestyle finance(jet ski, caravan, trailer…..).

Do you have Bad Credit or a low credit score? – there’s hope and here’s how to get vehicle finance!

Due to everything that’s happened the last few years in South Africa, Covid, load shedding to name a few, many South Africans struggled to pay their debts. This resulting in many people being listed negatively on the credit bureau’s. Even missing one payment or paying an account late can have a negative effect on your credit score. But this is were we come in. We know the industry and know how to motivate applications or get around certain negatives on your credit report. Best of all we don’t charge any fees we only get commission if your deal is successful, this its important for us to help you.

minibus finance for bad credit
Minibusses and Van 's
Sedan finance for bad credit
bakkie finance for bad credit
SUV finance for bad credit
Hatchback finance for low credit score

How to apply for vehicle even though you have a bad credit history?

  • Complete our online application form.
  • Receive an immediate email reply with the documents required to process your application.
  • Once documents received we will  process your application for approval.
  • When your application is approved one of our consultants will make contact you direct to explain the offer and vehicles we have available that match the approval amount. We do source vehicles as well, but sometimes due to your credit profile the vehicles you qualify for could be limited. That said we always try our best to get you our clients the vehicle they want. You have an option to take the vehicle we have on offer and trade it in after 8 months once your credit rating improves for the vehicle you want.

Requirements for blacklisted vehicle finance?

Be 18 years or older

South African citizen

Employed or self-employed

Have a bank account

We can help even if you don’t have a drivers license

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  1. Can I get finance for a scooter of about R20,000 when I’m blacklisted. I have a deposit of R2,000 available.

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