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ITC Report and Credit Score

Get your Free Credit report here today! Want to see how much debt you have? Know your current credit status. See activities on your credit profile. See if you have defaults or judgment. Premium reports are also available to get a more detailed view of your credit status.
Credit Report

Importance of knowing your credit score

Your credit score is there to show you how good or bad your credit information is and how your credit rating compares with other consumers. Information on the credit bureau is used by most credit providers to develop their own credit risk score, together with your employment history, income and expenses will determine the out come of your credit application. Make sure you regularly draw a credit report. Make sure information on your credit profile is correct ie. contact details, address, employment …..

How to get and maintain a good credit record and score

Having a good credit rating a vital when applying for a home loan or vehicle finance. To improve your credit rating pay accounts in full and on time every month, even paying accounts a day late can affect your credit score. Credit providers have access to payment information and want to know if you honor payment commitments. Even though you need accounts to get a good credit rating make sure you use them wisely especially loans, store cards and credit cards. Make sure your personal information on the credit bureau is up to date and correct, incorrect data can affect your credit score. You have a right to challenge incorrect information. Credit providers also take your credit application history into account, applying for credit often can affect your credit rating negatively.

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