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End Your Debt Today


This is NOT Debt Review


Become debt free today!


1st time in SA that you legally have a payment plan to write off ALL your debt


Advantages – Immediate stress relief


  • Legally write off ALL your debt – banks, loans, TAX even debt already blacklisted on

(You will not have to pay back any of your creditors and you will be completely debt free)

  • STOP paying ALL debt – including Debt Review – You Only pay for this process
  • Private process – ONLY creditors are advised – Not employers or rental companies
  • Let us deal with your creditors – no more harassment!
  • Affordable monthly repayment plan – 24-36 months
  • You will NOT lose your Furniture
  • High Court Level Process– with High Court appointed Advocates, Attorneys and Curators
  • An Advocate will appear in the High Court on your behalf
  • Court Order MUST be accepted by all creditors
  • Garnishee orders will be stopped once Court Order is in place


  • No credit facilities allowed and no debt facilities
  • No credit cards or Cheque accounts
  • You will not be credit worthy for 24-36 months



The Fees:

Remember STOP paying ALL creditors – only pay for the process– NOW you have the money to afford the process

  • Admin Fees  R 8000 – R10 000 payable over 1 or 2 months
  • Curator fees payable over 19 months
  • Fees are non-refundable – This is a legal and binding process!


What must you do?


  1. Send the application form along with the required documents
  2. Close your bank account – IF you have creditors debiting your bank account
  3. Trust in the process – Ask questions – no such thing as too much information

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