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Welcome to TA Consulting, let us help you today. All available service are 100% free we don not charge any fees. Apply today for Personal Loans, Loans for Bad Credit, Blacklisted Vehicle Finance, Debt Management, Debt Review, Consolidation Loans and much more


Apply for finance today get approved today! Personal Loans, Loans for Blacklisted and Consolidation Loans Up to R 150 000.00.Welcome to TA Consulting. With have over 10 years experience in the finance industry and our service is free. On this website you will find a wide variety of products to suite your needs. All our service providers are NCR and NCA registered. We offer personal loans, blacklisted loans, bad credit loans, blacklisted and bad credit cell phone contracts, pay day loans, blacklisted vehicle finance, debt review and End Your Debt (clear all your debt in two years).

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Products and Services:Loans For Blacklisted and Blacklisted Loans:

Loans for bad credit up to R 150 000.00. Get APPROVED today! Get more info

Personal Loans :

Up to R 150 000 over 72 months. Yes you can apply if you blacklisted as well, but not under debt review or admin. Get more info


Have you been declined all over for loans, consolidation loans or are you under debt review/administration. Well we have the answer. With our new product called END YOUR DEBT you can clear your ITC in two years. Stop paying your accounts today. Let us help you be debt free, no more creditors calling for collections, no mounting interest charges. This is not a quick fix but the best way to legally clear your debt and start over. Get more info

Debt review:

Want to apply for debt review or is your debt review company not living up to their promises. Give us a try.

Blacklisted vehicle finance:

Looking for a car? Cannot get finance? Let us help you.

What is blacklisted?

Blacklisted is a term used for individuals who are recognized as a credit risk. Due to late or non payments on accounts or not paying the full installment due every month. There is not an actual blacklist this is a term used to declare that one is unable to qualify for credit due to negative listings. Remember anything you do related to finance or credit is recorded on ITC. Remember every time you apply for credit it affects your score negatively.


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