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Personal Loans and Blacklisted Loans

rsz_loan2100% free service

Unsecured Personal Loans, Bad Credit Loans and Blacklisted loans up to R 150 000.00

Easy online application

Same day approval

Interest rates based on credit profile from 14% – 32%

Repayment periods from 3 – 60 months


Qualifying criteria

Must be 18 years or older

Have a South African green bar coded ID

Earn a basic minimum salary of R 3 000.00 per month

Have your own bank account older than 3 months

Permanently employed for a minimum of 3 months at current employer


Complete our online application form or request a form from us via email

Once application is received your application will be processed and an offer emailed to you with amount, period, installment interest rate you qualify for with requirements to finalize the process, then you can decide to take up or decline the offer.

If all documents required are correct and contract signed application can pay out with in 24hours


What is blacklisted?

Blacklisted is a term used for individuals who are recognized as a credit risk. Due too late or non-payments on accounts or not paying the full installment due every month. There is not an actual blacklist, this is just a term used to declare that one is unable to qualify for credit due to negative listing. This is where we come in we can still get you a loans for blacklisted, bad credit loan, blacklisted loans. Remember every time you apply for credit it affects your credit score negatively.