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Affordable Health cover

Does your little one have medical cover?


We can offer you medical cover at a very affordable price. Get cover for your whole family.
We have a number of plans that will suit your budget. Our day to day plans starts from as little as R240.00 per month. Hospital plans start from R352.00 per month. This little baby can get cover with her parents on our Platinum Plan for just R1193 per month. This is for day to day benefits and hospital benefits.
The Platinum plan Day to day benefits comprises of:
1. Unlimited doctor visits but managed via a registered 1Doctor Health Network Provider.
2. Acute & Chronic medication – 6 Months waiting period for chronic medication
3. Basic Dentistry – preventive cleaning, pain control, fillings, one emergency root canal and extractions via 1 Doctor Health Network – Dentist
4. Optometry – (Spec-Savers) One eye test every 12 months and one set glasses every 24 months per the specific Spec-Savers agreed protocol range.
5. Radiology – Basic radiology according to formulary via a 1 Doctor Network GP. Black and white Diagnostic x-rays only.
6. Pathology – Basic diagnostic blood tests according to formulary and on referral by a 1 Doctor Network GP.
7. Out of area visits – In the event that you cannot see your Network GP, the Plan will allow 3 “out of area“ visits per family per annum to an alternative Network GP or GP of your choice.

The Platinum plan Hospital benefits are as follows:
1. In-Hospital Illness benefits – Up to R6500.00 for the first day
Up to R4500.00 for the second day
Up to R4500.00 for the third day
thereafter R1500.00 per day up to a maximum of 21 days.
2. Illness Top – up benefit – An additional illness protection benefit payable up to R25000.00 for a single member and up to R40 000.00 for a family.
3. Accidental Exposure to HIV/AIDS – Two incidents per family per annum.

On top of these hospital benefits you will also receive lots of additional benefits as listed below.

a) Dread Disease Benefit – Upon diagnosis with an annual limit of up to R250 000.00 payable for: Heart Attack, Coronary Heart Disease, Stroke, Brain Tumor, Cancer, Kidney Failure, Major Organ Transplant, Paraplegia and Blindness.
b) Accident Benefit – Up to R150 000.00 per single member and up to R300 000.00 per family per incident. Immediate cover.
c) Accidental Permanent Disability Benefit – R250 000.00 for the Principal Member only. Single event only. Immediate cover.
d) Accident/Illness Death Benefit – R10 000.00 for the Principal Member.
e) Family Funeral Benefit – Principal, Spouse & child > 14 years R10 000.00. Child > 6 years R5000.00. Child > 0 years R2500.00. Child > 28 weeks R1250.00.

Our Platinum Plan offers you excellent value for money.
Get medical cover for your family today and ensure that your family is covered during a medical emergency.
To apply simply sms One to 33110. Sms @ R1.50.
Drop us an email with your details to email  and we will get one of our friendly agents to give you a call to set up an appointment.

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