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Bad Credit Vehicle Finance South Africa

Blacklisted vehicle finance

Let us help you get Bad Credit Vehicle Finance today.

Blacklisted vehicle finance has never been easier. Trying to get a car but do not qualify through the normal channels. Lets help you today get blacklisted vehicle finance. Been declined for affordability, bad credit history or credit score too low. Yes we can help you get bad credit car finance today.

Click  below complete the short application for and lets get you driving today.

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Have you been declined through the normal channels for vehicle finance or want to buy an older model vehicle?

◾Looking for a car, bakkie, taxi or motorcycle, we do it all.
◾Blacklisted need vehicle finance?
◾No credit checks, we can get you driving today!
◾All we need is proof of income.
◾Wide range of vehicles available, unbelievable deals on a range of pre-owned cars.
◾Complete the short contact form below and we will get a friendly consultant to call you.
◾Best of all we do not charge any fees to process applications!

110 thoughts on “Bad Credit Vehicle Finance South Africa”

          1. I need an economic reliable, afordeble car, Poor credit score,only a small payment on dept revue to complete

  1. Hi my name is Trevor and I am desperately looking for a vehicle more to the point I am looking for a double cab nissan navara with canopy or anything a long those the moment I just came out of a debt review issue which was 7 months ago,and still my credit as not been updated.would you please assist me in this regard

  2. Hi looking for vehicle finance not blacklisted but low credit i earn 11000 per month can anyone assist. 0813241441 thanks Shaun

  3. I need a loan of R50 000 to purchase a car, I can afford to pay R3000 back a month. Please this us urgent, I need a car asap.

  4. Afternoon I’m desperately looking for a car to go to work, am earning more 10k but low credit score please assist. any car that I can pay R3000 PM or less thank you

  5. Hi I have a low credit score and I don’t have a license but I really need a car pls help i earn 9400 a month so pls get back to me with any info on this subjects pls

  6. I need commercial vehicle like, Toyota quantum or Nissan to transpot kida. I have bmw 2012, 84000 km to trade in. I have low scoring

  7. My salary is 25000 ,and im having a bad credit score please help.I Need a car finance of R80 000.
    My contact : 0670586837 or 0787575020

  8. Hello I would to buy a car. I am a first time buyer. I don’t know how to buy it. My credit score is not good. No deposit.

  9. Hi there guys i am looking to buy and old model car, to take my wife for her treatment of stage 4 kidney failure , i have tried so many places please help.

  10. Hi my name is Nhlanhla I’m desperately looking for a car I was blacklisted while I was sick because I was not getting paid after I was attack by stroke but now I’m getting paid from disability fund every month please I will appreciate if you can help me thanks

  11. 0782293218
    Hope you are OK.. I have question… I want to buy a car via finance and I paid all my debts.. I have all the paid up letters and I was under debt review before but I canceled my contract with them and I paid my debts by my self… Now I want to there is any chance that I can buy a car via finance if I have all my paid up letter and I will submit them to ITC to update my profile

  12. Hie my name is Happiness, it’s my first time so l need to please help me out l need a simple private car but my credit score is low and l don’t have deposit,,, please can you get back to me, thank you.

  13. Hi Please call me 0825726319, I’m under debt review but I can afford to repay the loan or consolidation. At the moment I’m asking for car finance

  14. I am permanently employed and have a low credit score but nees a car. I can afford between R1500 and R2000 installment. Please call me back : 0660291826

  15. Hi – I have some arrears on my vehicle which is a 2016 model as i have been unemployed for the last year. I also have a balloon payment due as I am at the end of my contract. Can you advise the best course of action?

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